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Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

AML monitoring and investigations

When you or your organization faces threats related to financial crimes, unethical business conduct, regulatory scrutiny and integrity risks, AFCC's forensic advisory services professionals provide critical and insightful expertise.

AFCC’s experienced professionals quickly and confidentially assess complex situations, identify and evaluate evidence, investigate events, conduct interviews, and prepare supportable reports that can withstand assessments by regulators, courts, and other external stakeholders.

Our team includes:

  • Certified Public Accountants.
  • Certified Fraud Examiners.
  • Chartered Financial Analysts.
  • Forensic technology specialists.
  • Former federal law enforcement professionals.
  • Finance specialists.
  • Audit and risk professionals.

We Are Investigators, First and Foremost

Strengthen your cyber resiliency

AFCC digital security and forensic analysis solutions provide unparalleled endpoint visibility, scalability, and speed to resolution. Cyber resilient organizations suffer little to no damage in the event of a breach. AFCC cyber risk solutions identify, analyze, and resolve active or potential threats 31x faster than traditional EDR tools.

Mitigate cyber risk from multiple threat vectors

Data Exfiltration, Internal Threats, Privacy and HR violations, Malware, etc.

Collect and analyze forensic-grade investigative information

Endpoint telemetry data, file systems, registry, email, deleted files, etc.

Respond instantly with live, remote search and analysis capabilities.

Concurrent analysis across entire networks in near real-time