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Criminal Background Checks

We blend technology with a human touch to provide faster, more accurate results.

A comprehensive criminal background check helps you build a team you can trust, while also mitigating risk and protecting your company's reputation. Using criminal record background checks during your hiring process helps you:

  • Uncover more criminal activity
  • Help you mitigate risk with our compliance-enabled features
  • Safeguard assets, employees, and customers
  • Protect your organization against liability claims
  • Maintain your organization’s reputation and trust within the community
  • Make fair decisions for fair chance hiring
  • Comply with federal, state, local, and industry regulations
  • Follow company hiring policies

Helping you make business, investment or employment decisions with precision

Our extensive Background Check Unit was created with the goal of obtaining reliable and factual information through legal investigations.

AFCC operates on a statewide, national, and international level, as we strive to effectively meet the needs of our clients in the timeliest manner.

Our all background checks are thoroughly processed by our expert team, ensuring that individuals or companies of all industries are making optimal choices.